WRF 2009

WRF innovative "two-site conference concept" reduces GHG emissions

St. Gallen, March 2012. The World Resources Forum 2009 was organized as a two site-conference, simultaneously connecting two countries (Switzerland and Japan). A recently published scientific article concludes that the use of advanced videoconferencing technology was a tool to reduce intercontinental conference travel and thus travel-related GHG emissions.

The results of WRF2009 show that reductions of 37% and 50% in travel-related GHG emissions were attained as compared to the single-site alternatives, although more people took part than in any of these alternatives.

WRF 2009

Please find here more information about the WRF 2009:

Overview of past events organised by WRF Secretariat

  •   WRF11 Davos, 19-21 September 2011, 2nd World Resources Forum

Conference website

Davos Talks - Video Clips


On the occasion of the first World Resources Forum in Davos in September 2009, the Aachen Foundation (www.aachener-stiftung.de) in collaboration with Zeitfilm (www.zeitfilm.de) and the German journalist Bert Beyers interviewed some of the most knowledgeable people in the field of sustainable resource use.


Presentations Workshops

UNEP Resource Panel Side Event





Visual Protocols

During the first World Resources Forum Reinhard Kuchenmüller (www.visuelle-protokolle.de) produced several "visual protocols". These accentuate some of the contents of the WRF workshops and the WRF plenary session.

We cordially invite you to browse through the protocols to get an idea what the first WRF was about.



Plenary Presentations of the World Resources Forum 2009

(please scroll down for PDF-versions)


Sept. 14, 2009:

Sigmar Gabriel - Opening Address World Resources Forum 2009

Xaver Edelmann


Hideaki Itoh

World Resources Forum Blog

Welcome to the World Resoures Forum Blog.

Ten selected international students were blogging live from the World Resources Forum 2009 in Davos, providing content summaries, background stories, interviews and impressions from the event. Now high school students from Austria, Switzerland and Germany are continuing the blog. 

WRF Symposium Nagoya

Parallel to the World Resources Forum in Davos a similar event was held in Nagoya, Japan.

The two congress sites were connected via video-conferencing technology.


Symposium on Sound Recycling Society and Biodiversity for Future Generation in Aichi-Nagoya


Date: Sept 16, 2009

Time: 10:30 - 15:00 (Japan local time)

Venue: Nagoya University, Japan




10:30-10:40 Welcome address: Prof. Tsuneo MATSUI, Director of EcoTopia Science Institute, Nagoya University


10:40-11:20 Keynote address: Ms.Keiko OMORI, Director,Office of Sound Material-cycle Society,Ministry of the Environment Japan


Archive: Program World Resources Forum 2009

The World Resources Forum begun with several preparatory workshops which were open to the general public. The results of these workshops did comprise the basis for the presentations on the plenary day.

September 15, 2009: Preparatory Workshops
Including contributions by:

Program - Workshops; September 15, 2009

Workshop 1: Global Resource Use

Chaired by Harry Lehmann, General Director, Environmental Planning and Sustainability Strategies German Federal Environmental Agency
Stefan Bringezu, Director, Material Flows and Resource Management Wuppertal Institute; Member UNEP Resource Panel

Program - Plenary Day; September 16, 2009

Opening Addresses

Chaired by Xaver Edelmann, President World Resources Forum & Member Board of Directors Empa
Bruno Oberle, Director, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN)
Sigmar Gabriel, Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety Germany (video message)
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