How get inspired by sustainability? The story of Fritz Hinterberger

Nowadays, more and more students are getting involved in projects linked to sustainable development. Social and technological innovations foster opportunities to keep creative atmosphere among young people. The resource productivity often serves as a starting point for the reflection. This consideration often develops into a life-time occupation.

For Fritz Hinterberger, the story began in a different way. He was a young student when the referendum on nuclear power plants in Austria took place. By early 1977 the nuclear issue had begun to influence Austrian party politics. The group of young people leading a campaign against the construction of the nuclear plant visited his town. After talking to them, Fritz was convinced and voted against. There are probably only few countries in Europe where opposition to nuclear energy is so strong. In 1977, a little majority of Austrians voted against nuclear power plants in the referendum. The only Austrian nuclear  energy power station located in Zwentendorf was abandoned. At present, no Austrian politician would even think of proposing the idea of building nuclear power stations.

Fritz is convinced in every event we can find potential to inspire.  Maybe for some students World Resources Forum will be a milestone? Will we come to the times when saving resources is an obvious state?