Feb 2010: Videos of the Davos Talks now available

Dear WRF Newsletter subscriber,

On the occasion of the first World Resources Forum in Davos in September 2009, the Aachen Foundation (www.aachener-stiftung.de) in collaboration with Zeitfilm (www.zeitfilm.de) and the German journalist Bert Beyers interviewed some of the most knowledgeable people in the field of sustainable resource use.


The results of this effort are a number of 8’-films, showing 12 people and their ideas about resource use and sustainability.


Some of the films are in German language, some in English.


As of today these films can be watched at www.worldresourcesforum.org/video-clips or www.faktor-x.info/multimedia/videos.


A 30’-film telling the full story of limits to resource consumption and the necessities for the next decades will be released end of March 2010. This film will also be published on the WRF website and on the foundations’ website.


As of today we are also happy to announce that the date for the next World Resources Forum is fixed: The event will take place from Sept. 19-21, 2011 in Davos/Switzerland.


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Martin Birtel




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