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The World Resources Forum (WRF) is the global science-based platform for shariAppenzell Headerng knowledge about the economic, political, social and environmental implications of global resource use. WRF promotes innovation for resource productivity by building bridges among researchers, policymakers, business, SMEs, NGOs and the public. Flagship activity is the annual WRF Conference.  

Latest News

New research on Climate Change presented in Bern

Bern, 2 April 2014 For the 15th time already, the Swiss Global Change Day brought together the Swiss Climate Change community and presented new research on the topic in an upbeat, enjoyable environment. 

During this annual event about 260 participants discovered new scientific highlights presented by six key note speakers and ongoing research presented in 65 posters. The WRF team had the chance to present its upcoming events, the Energy Fair in St. Gallen on May 23, and the WRF Conference in Peru in October 2014, in which linkages between climate change and resource efficiency research and policies will be among the topics addressed. 


All selected WRF papers now published in STOTEN journal

St. Gallen, 16 April 2014 The second and last part of selected WRF 2011 scientific papers has been published in the STOTEN (Science of the Total Environment) journal. After the 13 short papers that were published last autumn now the publisher has made another 9 contributions available in the special issue on Natural Resources.

System thinking at the core of Circular Economy - new publication

Zürich, 10 April 2014 Today, the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW) and WRF published a booklet on Circular Economy.

Global consumption of natural resources, and with it the scarcity of natural esources and the total amount of waste due to consumption, have increased significantly throughout recent decades. The sustainable handling of natural resources is not simply a question of technology, ecology and waste management but also includes economic, social, political, cultural and ethical aspects. 

Please find the PDF-version of the brochure on Circular Economy here. The German version can be downloaded here, the French version here.

The brochure will be presented in the WRF side session at Green Week in Brussels on June 5, 2014 from 14:30 - 16:00.

We have a Scientific Committee WRF 2014

St. Gallen/Arequipa, 3 April 2014 The Scientific Committee for the World Resources Forum 2014 in Arequipa has been established. WRF is proud to present over 30 experts from different disciplines and countries to represent the Scientific Committee for this year's event in Peru.

WRF Peru: "It is necessary that all players involved clearly understand what the problems and solutions are"

Luis Casabonne and Bas de LeeuwArequipa, 27 March 2014 It is very important to bring all parties together, says Bas de Leeuw, WRF Managing Director, in an interview for the Arequipa Empresarial (Chambers of Commerce magazine). He highlights the objective of the next World Resources Forum, to be held in Arequipa, 19-22 October 2014.

Read here the full interview written by Luis Casabonne (in Spanish/en Espagnol). Find here the flyer with all details (English). Flyer in Spanish coming soon. 

Call for papers WRF 2014 in Peru is now open

Arequipa, St. Gallen, 13 March 2014 The abstract submission process for oral and poster presentations at the WRF 2014 in Arequipa (Peru) has started. Researchers, students, practicioners and other experts in resource use and resource management are invited to submit their abstract of roughly 300 words until April 25, 2014. 


More mobility, less traffic

Photo courtesy of eco.chBasel, 21 February 2014 This year’s eco.nature congress(eco.naturkongress) brought together over 400 guests with different backgrounds and ideas. The congress centred on the topic: “More mobility through less traffic”.

Footprints in policy and practice

Friends of the Earth conferenceBrussels, 11 February 2014 Friends of the Earth organised a conference on footprints in policy and practice. The event brought together around 60 participants, They explored how footprinting approaches – on carbon, water, land and materials - are already successfully used in business and other areas.

Peru to host global initiatives on natural resources and electronic waste

Lima, 21 January 2014 In line with this year’s focus on promoting responsible industries and climate commitment, the Peruvian Ministry of Environment together with the Swiss Cooperation – SECO will conduct two important initiatives: the project Sustainable Recycling Industries (SRI) and the World Resources Forum (WRF). This has been stated in a press release published today.

The SRI is aimed at consolidating progress made with regard to the management of electrical and electronic waste in Peru. 

Ecodesign and Recycling - A Wild Marriage?

Lucerne, 21 January 2014 Starting from the 21stof January, Swiss Plastics, the important plastic trade show, dedicated a space for innovation and productive debate at the newly opened Lucerne Fair. The show hosted 300 Swiss and European exhibitors, who presented their products and discussed about the future of the plastics world.

In line with the fair, Redilo organized this year’s “Recycling-Conference” (Recycling Tagung) and gathered more than 50 participants with diverse backgrounds and common interests. This time, the conference focused on the topic “Eco-design & Recycling: a Wild Marriage?” and addressed different points of view on that issue. 

The WRF team had the chance to present its activities with a booth, hereby announcing the next major events, the Energy Fair in St. Gallen on May 23, and the WRF Conference in Peru in October 2014.

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